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New Moon Women's Circles

With the moon dark in the sky, it’s a perfect time to set intentions, plant seeds, and align with the astrological vibes for the month.

Join us for an online new moon gathering that’s meant to be recharging, connective and productive. If you have a vision, project or goal your working towards this is a perfect time to align priorities and get clear.

Through guided meditation, overview of the astrological energies and how they play out in your chart, journaling, and community, our time together is grounding and aligning--all held in a container of sacred space and celestial magic.

2021 Dates

August 8th: Leo
September 6th: Virgo
October 6th: Libra
November 4th: Scorpio
December 3rd: Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse


All sessions are one hour and held over Zoom
1:00 pm PST
$20 each session
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