Jackie, you are such a healer. Source and spirit speak through you. Thank you for allowing yourself to see your gift and share it with us. We are so very lucky.
~ Melissa Nissen, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Big shout out of heartfelt thanks to Jackie for a stellar astrology reading! Besides being super knowledgeable about astrology, Jackie is a joy to speak with and she had some keen insights about my chart. I’ve been studying astrology for more than 10 years (mostly using my own chart and charts of friends) and Jackie saw some things that I had never noticed and that made SO MUCH SENSE of things I am currently going through as well as things I have experienced throughout my life. Thank you Jackie for this eye opening session! I’m excited for what’s to come and for these fresh insights into the Magic in my chart. 🙂
~ Cindie Chavez, Relationship Coach

“Immense love and gratitude to Jackie for her gift of an astrological reading. I am so new to astrology, and Jackie has a sweet, kind and generous demeanor. She is sharing her passion. As I related my life experience to the reading I could feel her excitement and pleasure grow. And my mind was blown by how much it relates to me, right now, and all the things I want to grow in to. My infinite potential, cosmically blessed. Thank you Jackie!!! That was wonderful and amazing!!!”
~ Dale Howell, Writer & Coach

“So I had my first astrological chart done in a very long time by Jackie.
Color me f*cking amazed. I was beyond excited about the connections made, and some insight on thing’s I’ve been struggling with. I can NOT wait to further work with her in the future!“
~ Kelsea Hector, Middle School Teacher

“LOVED my astrology reading from Jackie! She showed me a whole new perspective of my chart AND how it translates into my life. Plus Jackie is a beautiful soul! ‘Twas super fun hanging out with her and listening to astro wisdom. Thank you, Jackie! <3”
~ Amara Regali, Accountant

“Jackie just gave me a delightful astro reading. As a total astro newbie it was so enlightening and made so much sense with the stories that build my core identity. She really broke it down for me, and was open to questions, and made me feel very listened to when I had a story that related to an aspect of my chart. It was a great experience. Thank you so much Jackie!“
~ Zayda Fleming, Artist

“There’s serious synchronicity at work here… I had an astrology session with Jackie where she read my natal chart. As an astrology skeptic I arrived with a ton of questions yet Jackie patiently (and with tons of empathy) explained things. I walked away with a validation for messages I didn’t know I needed to hear! Jackie uses her training as a mental health professional and her work with teens with special needs to compassionately guide your reading. I even cried later in the day as what she said resonated deeply. My session helped me better understand how humans turn to astrology and why it can be helpful. I still have a long way to go but at this point, I trust Jackie as my guide. I’m looking forward to another session with her and am now open to messages of guidance and healing. I’m deeply grateful to Jackie for her gift. I already feel a deep bond with her and can sense a budding friendship.”
~ Dalia Martinez, UX Specialist

“I just had a wonderful astrological / birth chart reading from Jackie. I’ve looked up my birth chart before, and never understood what 90% of it meant. Jackie took the time to explain details to me, and also positioned her interpretation as “you may have experienced this” or “this might be a challenge for you”. It actually all made sense! And even better, Jackie provided some advice and things to keep in mind when I struggle with certain patterns. I was left feeling extremely empowered and armed with this secret twisty knowledge to unlock it all! (Cue evil villain laughter here). Thank you, Jackie, for so generously sharing your insight and caring vibes with me today!“
~ Liz Scarratt, Business Development

My astrological reading with Jackie was full with wisdom and insight into who I am and how I can best utilize my highest potential. Although I’ve had astrology readings before, Jackie brought forth new information that other astrologers hadn’t yet highlighted… a session with Jackie is so useful for understanding why you are the way you are, how you can best utilize your unique gifts and reflect on the legacy your soul most wants to leave in this life.
~ Meredith Rom, Woman’s Leadership Coach

“Jackie, I cannot express my gratitude enough for today’s session. Thank you so much for your professional and calming energy, your astrological insight and spot on intuitive guidance. Today’s session has confirmed so much for me, and you’ve given me the clarity and courage I needed to let go of old stories from the past so I can fully embrace my future. Not only did you help me gain more understanding about who I am in this world and what I’ve come to this earth to do, you created a safe space for me to speak my truth, shed some tears, and heal as I processed the wisdom being shared by you. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! I look forward to working with you more in the very near future and will be telling everyone I know to book a session with you, because you are the best. Period!“
~ Simone Johnson, Conflict Coach

“I first discovered Jackie through the virtual Sustainable Success Summit. Reading through the descriptions of various interviews, I clicked on Jackie’s video. Every word resonated. I immediately went to her website and discovered she did natal chart readings, something I’d always been interested in knowing more about. Whenever I’d done a little more research on my sign, Scorpio, I felt deeply connected, but the pop astrology wasn’t telling me what I needed to know. I wanted to know more about how my astrological placement in the universe was shaping who I was and driving my behavior. The reading was amazing. Jackie explained everything thoughtfully, with a soft excitement and genuine engagement. If you’re curious about why you are the way you are, the natal chart is a lovely and fun place to start. Thank you Jackie for being my guide!“
~ Sira Laurel, Business Consultant

“Thank you Jackie for your guidance around the upcoming eclipses and the sign of sagittarius my daughter might be born in. Everyone please go check out her work! It’s amazing what you can consciously create and do and be when you understand more of the literal universe and how it correlates with your soul“
~ Amber Dolan-Bath, Woman’s Mentor

“Jackie is a profoundly warm, knowledgeable, and natural astrologer. I am new to astrology but she was clear and patient so there was no guesswork or confusion on my end. At the close of the reading I was left with greater clarity about my path and a feeling of deep inspiration and hope. I cannot thank her enough!“
~ Aislinn McCarthy-Sinclair, Social Worker

“Jackie showed me the new direction I wanted to take in my business was perfectly aligned with my birth chart. It was the validation and confidence boost I didn’t know I needed. I really appreciate the safe space Jackie created for me to talk through this idea that I wasn’t yet ready to share with the world. She helped me refine and clarify it in a way that always left me feeling encouraged and excited to get started. Our sessions together led to such inspiration. After talking with Jackie the ideas simply flowed out of me. If you’re feeling stuck or fuzzy about what stories need to be told, where to go next in your business or how to birth the idea that’s been nudging you, Jackie is the perfect place to begin. This package was just the clarity, confidence and inspiration I needed.“
~ Jess Drury, Copywriter

“I came to my time with Jackie filled with anxiety and seeking clarity. Jackie’s coaching and process not only reminded me of who I truly am, but let me see myself in a new way. I feel empowered and affirmed in my purpose. Her process for finding and refining my soul’s work worked quickly and has me enthusiastic to continue with my life purpose, knowing I’m on the right path. I love how she reminds me to give myself permission to be my unique, corny self! I needed that. I highly recommend Jackie as an astrologer and creative coach.“
~ Leena Naido, Tarot Reader & Author

“I’ve never had an astrology reading before, though I’ve always been curious about the subject. When I finally decided to go for it, I was excited about my reading, but I could never have imagined how useful it would prove! The information provided felt so very true to me, with explanations of my personality, interests and interactions with other people that were too spot on to be coincidence. Most importantly, the reading gave me real tools to use when I get distressed or stuck, and I have gone back over my notes so many times in just one week for guidance in rough spots. This has proven so impactful in both my business and life, in such a short time, not least because Jackie takes care to answer questions and provide compassionate support all through the process. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who has an interest in astrology and tools for a better life. If you’re wondering whether you should do it … do it!“
~ Sarah Beth Moore, Writer & Etsy Shop Owner

“The astrology reading I received was so informative! I had been hesitant in the past as to what to expect and how much the stars truly impact our existence and I’m so happy to see that I could not have been more wrong. My reading was broken down into houses and explained to me in depth when asked. Jackie used humor, validation and empathy when reading my chart and helped me interpret it however I chose. The freedom and flexibility she offered was incredible and comforting. I definitely will and have recommended her to my friends!“
~ Lyz Moeckel, Crisis Responder

“Jackie just gets me – Her astrology reading made me feel truly understood and validated. Her grace, competence and deep presence felt good and built trust from the beginning. Jackie’s reading helped me to remember and own my inherent strengths – she’s just what I needed the most.”
~ Amy Dipman, Reiki Master & Intuitive Coach

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