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I have an early childhood memory of pulling my mom’s copy of Linda Goodman’s Star Signs off her shelf and flipping through the pages completely fascinated. 

In middle and high school, I’d track the horoscopes and what I knew of the charts for all my friends and family--and crushes of course.

It wasn’t until around my Saturn Return, and in my Master’s studies with Jungian Depth Psychology that the archetypes took on a new weight, and new aliveness for me. I felt in my bones that this work was so much more than a party trick. 

It's an archetypal language that’s been passed down from our ancestors. It reflects our place in a larger divine consciousness. A tool to go inward, to grow, and expand our own inner knowing. 

As I wrestled with the normal questions of who am I, what’s my purpose, how can I best be of service, astrology helped me find the answers. 

When I felt lost, confused, or in the depths, astrology provided some guiding light. 

When I struggled to see myself clearly, astrology was a beautiful mirror that lead to more confidence, self-love, and compassion.


Slow mornings, time in nature, Beatles records, beautiful design, dreams, myth, and poetry.



I bring solid experience and credentials, as well as a depthful, poetic, and intuitive touch to my work

I believe astrology has a way of helping us see ourselves clearly. Helping us reclaim what’s been cast off. 

It helps us align with the natural cycles of our being. 

It helps us recognize that we all have a place in the divine mind. 

And it’s with pure love, joy, and a deep sense of honor and respect, that I do this work. 

LOVES: dream work, carl jung, A good (or bad) murder mystery, dark chocolate, seinfeld, time outdoors, a beautiful journal, woodfire pizza

pisces sun, scorpio moon, and rising


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Connecting to the language of the psyche ~ dream, archetype, symbol, myth. Depth. Afternoon walks. Brie. Intentionality, artistry, creating more beauty in the world.


Surface level conversations, one-size fits all approaches, generalized pop astrology, giving your power away to your chart or transits

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