The creative path stretches us, challenges us, brings up all the things. It can be so powerful, inspiring and empowering. It's such beautiful work that brings us into our wholeness and guides us to the embodiment of our highest selves. Stepping onto this path takes such courage, power and trust.

And -- With all that being said, I know the overwhelm, comparison, resistance and just how easy it is to put off until another day... and another day... and another day.

It can quickly turn into us looking back at the end of our lives and wondering, "what if?"

I'm so happy you're here

Hello, Gorgeous!

When I had my daughter, something shifted for me. I knew now was the time. I Invested in myself more than I ever had, devoted myself to my creative work and when afraid, tired, and resistant I still put one foot in front of the other every. single. day. 

I’ve committed to making choices that will make the little old lady of me proud. To building my legacy through everyday actions and decisions.

It was through a combination of playing to the strengths of my natal chart and the natural cycles we're all connected to, as well as taking action and coming into relationship with all the inner stuff that can come along for the ride, I built my business, got writing, creating, expressing every day.

I feel more confident, empowered, expressed and inspired than ever before. I feel anchored in meaning and purpose. I'm regularly celebrating what's manifesting. 

I want this for you. I'm celebrating you being here, for following the heart nudges guiding you forward and activating the legacy you're here to leave.


With anyone being able to call themselves an astrologer and coach these days, I place such importance on learning from the best, as well as ongoing professional and personal development.

I integrate many years of experience in the mental health field where I worked in therapeutic and program development roles in community and residential settings. I hold space with a trauma informed approach and totally get the inner stuff that can get triggered as we stretch into fuller expression. In my leadership and program development goals, I have experience with all the practical side of  bringing ideas forward.

I also have written professionally (both online and off) as well as mentored writing to both university students and creative writers. I have a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology (in the lineage of Carl Jung--focusing on archetypes, shadow work, and the rich terrain of our inner worlds). I'm part of ongoing rigorous training in the modalities of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by master astrologer, Steven Forrest. 

A Bit More About Me

>> I live in Northern California with my family
>> I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Rising
>> In another life I would have been a plant-based chef. You’ll often find me in the kitchen.
>> I'm an INFJ and 3/5 Mental Projector in Human Design
>> My partner nicknamed me “Spud” because of how many potatoes I eat
>> I want to travel to all places

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