What if astrology could help you amplify and accelerate what's possible in your life?

Imagine standing strong, confident, embodied in your unique genius. Magnetic. Empowered. Aligned. Pure magic.

Creating a business you're obsessed with -- all while creating a thriving, purposeful, and meaningful life in the process. 

Knowing how to use it helps you leverage circumstances and turns challenges into opportunities. Astrology shows you how to best work with the realities of life and to step into the highest octave of yourself. 

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Hello, Gorgeous!

Astrology can help you find your most aligned way.

Astrology can help you break through limiting patterns and move into that next evolution of your purpose and being. 

Ready to anchor into what you know in your bones is possible for you?

Step into the highest octave of yourself and create an extraordinary life.



Although astrology has followed me throughout my life, I started professionally training in 2016. I worked closely with various mentors and hold two certificates through The Forrest Center of Evolutionary Astrology -- taught by master astrologer Steven Forrest. I'm currently on my way to becoming a credentialed Master Evolutionary Astrologer in Steven's modalities, through his school. 

Additionally, I carry a Master's degree in Jungian Depth Psychology.

I bring over a decades worth of experience working in the mental health field, in both counseling and leadership roles. I'm trained in various therapeutic modalities, including being trauma-informed.

As a coach, I'm continuously investing in myself and developing personally and professionally. My primary teachers are Melanie Ann Layer and Victoria Washington. Amongst many programs, I've completed Melanie's coaching program. 

A Bit More

>> I live in Northern California with my partner, our baby girl, Margot and fur babies
>> I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Rising
>> In another life I would have been a chef. You’ll often find me in the kitchen.
>> I'm an INFJ and 3/5 Mental Projector in Human Design
>> My partner nicknamed me “Spud” because of how many potatoes I eat
>> I want to travel to all places

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