What if astrology could help you get unstuck and empower you to truly come into your own?

In life, there’s no shortage of challenges and work to do. Years pass and you wonder how you got here. If you’re not careful, you plateau and miss out on what's truly possible for yourself.

Imagine if you had a roadmap getting you through life. 

Astrology is the map. 

Knowing how to use it helps you leverage circumstances and turns challenges into opportunities. Astrology shows you how to best work with the realities of life and to step into the highest octave of yourself. 

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Hello, Gorgeous!

Need clarity? Astrology can validate those nudges you’re having. 

Stagnant? Astrology can help you break through self-doubts, limiting patterns, and habits. It can help you get going without being overwhelmed. 

Stuck in a feedback loop? Astrology can shatter negative chatter and stories you’ve created. There’s a different story there, unravel it. 

What You Get:
>> A safe, compassionate space to tap into what’s holding you back.
>> Recognition of your unique magic 
>> Clarity on next steps & aligned action 
>> Break through patterns keeping you stuck and ways to shift 
>> Support during times of stress 
>> A copy of your natal chart and what it means

Step into the highest octave of yourself and create an extraordinary life.

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Anyone can call themselves an astrologer, which is why I place such importance on training from the best and ongoing professional development. 

I integrate many years of experience in the mental health field, a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology, and training in the modalities of master evolutionary astrologer, Steven Forrest. 

A Bit More About Me

>> I live in Northern California with my partner, our baby girl and fur babies
>> I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Rising
>> In another life I would have been a plant-based chef. You’ll often find me in the kitchen.
>> I'm an INFJ and 3/5 Mental Projector in Human Design
>> My partner nicknamed me “Spud” because of how many potatoes I eat
>> I want to travel to all places

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