What would it feel like to anchor into your heart, the power of your unique medicine, and finally start taking action towards your creative dreams?

Our desires, our creative projects, the businesses that want to be birthed, guide us to greater fulfillment, a life that will make us so proud at the end of our days, and to more expressed, whole versions of ourselves.

Yet for most of us, these dreams remain locked in our hearts, stuck swirling around in our heads, or just buried in the day to day.

We’re always being called to align to our creative expression. To own it. To embody it.  The work is about taking aligned action and honoring what wants to come through.

I'm so happy you're here

Hello, Gorgeous!

When I had my daughter, something shifted for me. I knew now was the time. I Invested in myself, devoted myself to my creative work and when afraid, tired, and resistant I still put one foot in front of the other every. single. day. 

I’ve committed to making decisions that will make the little old lady of me proud. 

The beautiful thing about bringing astrology into the mix is it allows us to get clear on our unique medicine, how to create from a place of flow when aligned with our charts, and touch into the movement of the planets, which powerfully align with our own creative cycles. It allows us to connect with ourselves in powerful and gentle ways. We work with our energy gracefully and maximize impact.

I want more women to do their creative work. The world benefits from more women owned businesses, important  conversations, and beauty put in the world. I want more women to not just dream about it but actually get started. More women to align with their gifts. To trust themselves. To embody their unique medicine. To live in more purpose and the unfolding adventure of it all.


With anyone being able to call themselves an astrologer and coach these days, I place such importance on learning from the best, as well as ongoing professional and personal development.

I integrate many years of experience in the mental health field where I worked with teens and families as a counselor, as well as director, in community and residential settings. I hold space with a trauma informed approach. I also have written professionally (both online and off) as well as tutored writing to both university students and creative writers. I have a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology, and rigorous training in the modalities of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by master astrologer Steven Forrest. 


We are evolving beings with free will. Astrology helps us connect our unique energetic frequency and why we’re here. Evolutionary Astrology speaks to the journey of the soul--one that we’ve been on for lifetimes while taking into consideration our own evolution and becoming in this one.  

I help you not just understand your chart but how to use it as a practical tool for your development and creative expression.

A Bit More About Me

>> I live in Northern California with my dear family
>> I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Rising
>> In another life I would have been a plant-based chef. You’ll often find me in the kitchen.
>> I'm an INFJ and Mental Projector in Human Design
>> My partner nicknamed me “Spud” because how many potatoes I eat
>> I want to travel to all places

What You Get

>> A safe, compassionate space to tap into what’s holding you back.
>> Recognition of your unique magic. 
>> Clarity on next steps & aligned action. 
>> Break through patterns keeping you stuck and ways to shift 
>> A connection to more meaning and purpose.
>> Insight into your unique soul’s journey and what you’re here to do

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