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My job is to help you see yourself clearly, translate the wisdom and guidance of your chart, and give you tools to deepen your self-understanding and support your personal growth journey. The work honors your free will and helps you navigate life's ups and downs intentionally and empowered. 

You have so much to offer the world, you're powerful and here for a reason. However, it can be hard to see ourselves clearly. Astrology can help us gain perspective and see our unique magic.

Whether you're a creative, entrepreneur or someone looking for more direction, purpose, meaning and clarity, your unique astrology can support you on your path. Evolutionary astrology speaks to your growth, your evolutionary intention in this lifetime, your strengths and gives practical guidance on how to navigate challenges, as well as how to best support yourself to thrive.

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real results

“Jackie's extensive experience and expertise in therapy, psychology, and evolutionary astrology makes her extraordinarily nourishing to work with.

She is extremely kind, supportive, and incredibly knowledgeable. She perfectly executes supporting and guiding you on your unique path while also encouraging your own intuition, leadership, and sovereignty. When I end my Saturn Return, I continued to keep working with Jackie because she is simply divine and the best."

- Alex Demiao


“My natal Reading with Jackie was an incredible experience for me.”

I landed in Jackie's incredibly kind and knowledgeable energy. The aspects that Jackie chose to point out from my chart were not only spot on, but also expansive, unlike some of the readings I've done before, and translated into a language I could resonate with and understand. I honestly cannot imagine I could feel any safer and more seen!

A couple of weeks after I am still feeling so blissful and grateful I gave myself this gift. There's just so much magic to Jackie that you need to experience for yourself (words don’t do it justice)”

- Daria


Ways to Work Together

Astrology Readings

Evolutionary Astrology Readings for individuals, relationships,
and creatives

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Coaching Packages

Navigate your Saturn Return, creative process, and integrate the wisdom of your chart. 1:1 ongoing Voxer support

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On-demand workshops to support your journey of self-discovery

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astrology readings

Understand yourself on a deeper level, find clarity and understand the lessons you're here to learn in this lifetime. 

Evolutionary astrology readings take an empowering, practical and strength based approach. We look at the chart through the lens of why you have the chat you do in this life time, and how can we lean into this wisdom for the deepest sense of purpose, meaning, spiritual growth, and authentic expression.

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Looking for perspective on your current season of life, curious about your strengths and purpose

Coaching Packages

Saturn Return, Chart Integration, 1:1 Voxer support, offer guidance and perspective as you walk on your path.


You want to deepen your understanding of your chart and get personalized on-going guidance

Coaching packages allow for a deepening of understanding of your chart, while also offering on-going perspective and guidance as you walk through the ups and downs of the creative process and personal growth.



On-demand workshops to learn more about your chart and concepts to support the psycho-spiritual journey

Visit the shop to explore a variety of workshops to support your personal growth, as well as your understanding of your chart. New workshops are added monthly. They are designed to be easily digestible while not losing depth. 

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You want to learn about astrology and ways to deepen your personal development journey

Our Manifesto:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

- carl jung

client feedback

real results

“My astrological reading with Jackie was full with wisdom and insight into who I am and how I can best utilize my highest potential”

Although I’ve had astrology readings before, Jackie brought forth new information that other astrologers hadn’t yet highlighted… a session with Jackie is so useful for understanding why you are the way you are, how you can best utilize your unique gifts and reflect on the legacy your soul most wants to leave in this life.


- Merideth

Jackie's reading and her energy overall was so nurturing, calming and clarifying

I feel a lot of conflicting energy in my life sometimes and she was able to help me see very clearly where to focus and harness my strengths and gifts that I have to move forward fearlessly. Her words were poetic at times and voice so calming! I appreciated how assuring she was of my path as there's areas that have felt confusing for a long time. This was illuminating as it was supportive.

- Brittany

I had the most beautiful reading with Jackie journeying through my current challenges and confusion in this chapter of my life. 

So grateful for the clarity and guidance through the fog while I navigate this new and unfamiliar terrain. I adore her so much and how she weaves in her natural background of psychology and therapy. I've listened to our reading multiple times, with new gems with every listen.

- Diana

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