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evolutionary astrology for the purpose seekers, creatives, and those excited to develop themselves through the unique guidance of their chart.

Specializing in astrology readings and the exploration of dream, archetype, and symbol to be our most aligned, creative, and vital selves. 


Evolutionary Astrology is a unique branch of astrology that asks the question why you have the chart you do. Your chart doesn’t come out of a vacuum, but speaks to the journey of the soul over lifetimes. You now have the chart you do for a reason–it’s a map for your evolution and growth, as well as the wisdom, gifts and strengths you have in your backpocket. Evolutionary Astrology honors your free will. It’s prescriptive vs predictive and offers practical ways to thrive, regardless of what season of life you are in. 




Mental health professional and astro nerd turned professionally trained evolutionary astrologer, based in northern California. 

I love helping you get to know yourself on a deeper level, see your innate gifts, and your unique purpose. What I love about this work is it's prescriptive vs predictive. It’s a soulful approach that offers practical ways to deepen your growth and development.

Evolutionary Astrology is empowering, honors your freewill and helps guide you to your highest, most expressed, creative, vital self.

As an evolutionary astrologer, my job is to help translate the wisdom of your chart, offer astrological perspective, and help you see yourself clearer. 

Hey there, I'm Jackie

Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Rising


As a mental health professional, with a Master’s Degree in Jungian Depth Psychology and trained in the modalities of Evolutionary Astrology taught by master astrologer, Steven Forrest.

I use astrology along with therapy-based methodologies--such as depth psychology methods--to support your journey of transformation.

I love blending the mystical with the practical and have a knack for strategy, organizing and bringing your big creative dreams into reality.

Together, we hold a safe space for breakthroughs and have fun along the way. 


Practical and soulful astrology readings

Evolutionary Astrology that focus the soul’s journey and practical guidance to help you thrive and navigate each season of your life (even the challenging ones) empowered. 


"LOVED my astrology reading from Jackie! She showed me a whole new perspective of my chart AND how it translates into my life. Plus Jackie is a beautiful soul! ‘Twas super fun hanging out with her and listening to astro wisdom. Thank you, Jackie!"

- Amala Regali, Human Design Reader & Accountant

"My astrological reading with Jackie was full with wisdom and insight into who I am and how I can best utilize my highest potential...a session with Jackie is so useful for understanding why you are the way you are, how you can best utilize your unique gifts and reflect on the legacy your soul most wants to leave in this life."

- Meredeth Rom, Women's Leadership Coach

"Not only did you help me gain more understanding about who I am in this world and what I’ve come to this earth to do, you created a safe space for me to speak my truth, shed some tears, and heal as I processed the wisdom being shared by you. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! I look forward to working with you more in the very near future and will be telling everyone I know to book a session with you, because you are the best. Period!“

-Simone Johnson, Conflict Coach

"...Jackie helped me refine and clarify my idea
 in a way that always left me feeling encouraged and excited to get started. Our sessions together led to such inspiration. After talking with Jackie the ideas simply flowed out of me. If you’re feeling stuck or fuzzy about what stories need to be told, where to go next in your business or how to birth the idea that’s been nudging you, Jackie is the perfect place to begin." 

-Jessica Drury, Copywriter

"Jackie, you are such a healer. Source and spirit speak through you. Thank you for allowing yourself to see your gift and share it with us. We are so very lucky." 

-Melissa Nissan, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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