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It's so easy to delay your dreams for another day, to get in your head, to get stuck by self-doubt, comparison, overwhelm, procrastination, or just trying to juggle it all.

Wanting to write the book but you can't seem to get the words down on paper. Dreaming of the Etsy shop while doing work that doesn't feel inspiring. Excited about the business but something is holding you back.


I created this space to help creatives navigate the ups and downs of the creative process, find their footing, and come into energetic alignment for more ease and flow. 

When you lean into your innate zone of genius as reflected in your birth chart, align with the planetary cycles, and couple that with tried-and-true productivity techniques and consistent aligned action--you become unstoppable. 

I'm committed to helping you find clarity, get organized, leverage how your energy naturally works, and understand your soul's evolutionary intention in this lifetime. 

I bring my experience as a creative, having a Master's Degree in Depth Psychology, training in the modality of Evolutionary Astrology, over a decade  in the counseling field, and having professional writing experience under my belt, 

I'm all about mixing the practical with the magical. Helping you see your medicine and anchor into your higher purpose. While also supporting you to take the concrete steps needed to bring your work into the world.

I'm Jackie

Astrology works with any spirituality or religion. All races, sexes, and genders are welcome. 

When you’re at the end of your life and reflecting back, what would make your stomach sink? 

Never setting up shop? The book going unwritten? Having watched someone else bring your idea to life? Having believed in your own limiting beliefs?

And, what would make you so proud?

Proud that you took the risk, honored the heart nudges, took aligned action towards your dreams.

Proud of the times you bet on yourself, you anchored into the power of your unique frequency, you did the thing even when scared. 

Proud of the legacy you built. The woman you became. The creative work that will live on as an extension of your heart, your decisions, your trust, your unique magic.


Life Without


1. Figure out what path is for you
2. Design your roadmap
3. Take action on your dream

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"LOVED my astrology reading from Jackie! She showed me a whole new perspective of my chart AND how it translates into my life. Plus Jackie is a beautiful soul! ‘Twas super fun hanging out with her and listening to astro wisdom. Thank you, Jackie!"

- Amala Regali, Human Design Reader & Accountant

"My astrological reading with Jackie was full with wisdom and insight into who I am and how I can best utilize my highest potential...a session with Jackie is so useful for understanding why you are the way you are, how you can best utilize your unique gifts and reflect on the legacy your soul most wants to leave in this life."

- Meredeth Rom, Women's Leadership Coach

"Not only did you help me gain more understanding about who I am in this world and what I’ve come to this earth to do, you created a safe space for me to speak my truth, shed some tears, and heal as I processed the wisdom being shared by you. I SERIOUSLY CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! I look forward to working with you more in the very near future and will be telling everyone I know to book a session with you, because you are the best. Period!“

-Simone Johnson, Conflict Coach

"...Jackie helped me refine and clarify my idea
 in a way that always left me feeling encouraged and excited to get started. Our sessions together led to such inspiration. After talking with Jackie the ideas simply flowed out of me. If you’re feeling stuck or fuzzy about what stories need to be told, where to go next in your business or how to birth the idea that’s been nudging you, Jackie is the perfect place to begin." 

-Jessica Drury, Copywriter

"Jackie, you are such a healer. Source and spirit speak through you. Thank you for allowing yourself to see your gift and share it with us. We are so very lucky." 

-Melissa Nissan, Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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