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Discover how evolutionary astrology can help you tap into your inner creativity, overcome blocks, find clarity, and experience deeper meaning and fulfillment.

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Readings include: Creative work, birth chart, relationship, transit and progression


Saturn Return Guidance, Chart Integration, on-going Voxer support


Workshops on evolutionary astrology, Jungian Dreamwork and other concepts, and ways to deepen your inner work.

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my job is to help translate the wisdom of your chart

I'm Jackie Johansen, MA in Jungian Depth Psychology. Evolutionary Astrologer

Mental health professional and astrologer. I'm a student of Steven Forrest's method, through his school school: The Forrest School for Evolutionary Astrology (FCEA). 

I love helping you get to know yourself on a deeper level, see your innate gifts, and your unique purpose. 

Evolutionary astrologer, mental health professional, writer, jungian oriented

My natal reading with Jackie was incredible. There's so much magic to Jackie that you need to experience for youreslf

Words don't do it justice

- Daria molinar

prescriptive not predictive

Evolutionary Astrology is a unique branch of astrology that asks the question why you have the chart you do. Your chart doesn’t come out of a vacuum, but speaks to the journey of the soul over lifetimes. You now have the chart you do for a reason–it’s a map for your evolution and growth, as well as the wisdom, gifts and strengths you have in your backpocket. Evolutionary Astrology honors your free will. It’s prescriptive vs predictive and offers practical ways to thrive, regardless of what season of life you are in. 



Evolutionary Astrology Readings for individuals, relationships,
and creatives.

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On demand workshops to deepen your astrological knowledge and support your personal development journey


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1:1 support for your saturn return, to integrate your chart, and help you navigate the creative process. 

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Read the latest posts on evolutionary astrology, personal development, Jungian concepts, and the creative process. All designed to support you to connect to the richness of your inner world. 

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what is evolutionary astrology

Learn how evolutionary astrology can support you to be your most vital, inspired and empowered self. 

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the anatomy of your birth chart

Learn the basics of the birth chart and how you can start reading your own.

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my favorite astrology resources

My favorite apps, books, planners and software to get you started on your astrological journey.

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How to Tend Your Sun Sign for More Vitality, Magnetism and Impact

How to tend your sun sign guide

Learn simple practices to nourish your sun sign to support you to thrive in your creative work and life. 

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