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Welcome! Here I share reflections and about evolutionary astrology, the psycho-spiritual journey and the creative process -- all as ways to deepen self-awareness, connect to our authenticity, and process of becoming. 

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I’m excited to share with you my favorite astrology resources. I’ve found when starting to get into evolutionary astrology, there are so many options to learn from, as well as various apps, software, books, and ways to pull charts. 

My hope is this list of my favorite astrology resources will make things easier for you to get started with what I’ve found to be the gold standard. And of course, experiment and find what works for you.

Professional Software:

Best Professional Astrology Software for Your Phone:

Best Free Website to Pull Charts and Find Celebrity Charts

  • Astro.com Quick note: When looking for celebrities shoot for an A or AA rating. This means that the birth data is the most accurate

Best Planner / Astrological Almanac:

Honeycomb Collective. Personal and collective transits. The planner is based on your own birth data. 

Best Astrology Apps:

Lila: Designed by my teacher Steven Forrest, it has an empowering and evolutionary approach. A great way to track your astrology

The Pattern: This feels the most accurate vs Co-star or other mainstream apps. I appreciate how it doesn’t use a lot of jargon. 

Best Books for Beginners:

Any categories I missed or astrological software, apps or astrology resources, you like? I’d love to hear <3

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Learn how evolutionary astrology can support you to be your most vital, inspired and empowered self. 

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