What would it feel like to deeply trust in yourself, your unique magic and your personal power? To trust that everything is happening for you. That if we just listen, and commit to cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves, and embodying our unique energetic signature, magic starts to happen. 

You become more magnetic than you could ever imagine. What you're creating in the world, and who you're becoming in the process, elevates to the next level.

Through embodying my natal chart, and committing to an intuitive, soul led life, I began reclaiming cast off parts of myself and living from a place of alignment. With this, my life started to drastically change in beautiful ways. 

I'm so happy you're here

Hello, Gorgeous!

My daughter was born, my relationships deepened, I left the safety and security of my job solely based on where my heart was guiding me. I felt more confident and anchored in my own skin. More connected to a greater purpose and such a deep trust that there's a path under my feet, even when I can't see it.

I'm constantly in a state of awe and gratitude for the life I’m creating. I truly believe that we're all more powerful than we can even imagine. My intention when working with clients is to create a space where they experience their power and potential and can touch into their deeper selves to embody their power and purpose.

My job is not to fix or push anything, rather to help you come home to your strengths, your gifts, your tools at your disposal, your unique contribution to the world.

When we do this work together we step into our power, miracles come on the regular, and life becomes a lot more magical and fun.

A Bit More About Me

In my work I integrate many years of experience in the mental health field, a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology, and training in the modalities of evolutionary astrology. 

I believe we are evolving beings with free will. Astrology helps us see possibility. Evolutionary Astrology speaks to the journey of the soul–-a journey that we’ve been on for lifetimes--while taking into consideration our own evolution and becoming in this one.  

>> I live in beautiful Northern California with my family
>> I'm a Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon and Rising
>> In another life I would have been a plant-based chef. I love love love to cook and you'll often find me in the kitchen.
>> At home yogi, writer, and forever student
>> INFJ and Projector in Human Design
>> My partner nicknamed me “Spud” because of my love for potatoes
>> I want to travel to all places

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