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Welcome! Here I share reflections and about evolutionary astrology, the psycho-spiritual journey and the creative process -- all as ways to deepen self-awareness, connect to our authenticity, and process of becoming. 

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Our birth charts are complex, dynamic, and full of stories woven through the symbols. Each time we look at our chart, we do so from the perspective of that moment in time. All that we’ve learned, experienced, and are ready to see, culminate. However, over time, that perspective grows, along with our understanding of our charts.

There’s something beautiful in this. When we approach our chart from the perspective of allowing it to blossom over time, the experience becomes more flexible and soft. We are invited to turn to the symbols with curiosity and wonder – vs a puzzle that needs to be solved. 

The birth chart is a bridge to the unconscious

Each planet and sign represents part of the psyche. Their interaction and the houses tell a story, creating an inner mythology unique to the individual. 

When looking at Mars, we look at our courage, when looking at Leo we connect to the motivation to express from the heart, Aquarius the drive to individuate. But how this plays out in our lives is different and unique. When working with symbols, especially astrological ones, they all represent a range of possibilities. Free will enters the mix too. In this sense, the symbols are never black and white but rather speak to a depth and range of human experience. Knowing this, we are invited to stay open and flexible with our understanding of them as well.

The symbols help us reflect and come to new realizations about ourselves

As we contemplate the Leo within, we touch on our unique experience and expression of the archetype. 

Like how dreams and synchronicities, nudge us toward becoming who we were always meant to be, and toward more wholeness and integration, the same is true for our unique astrology. As we sit with the birth chart, as well as the transits, progressions and solar arcs that dance with the nativity, we are nudged on the path of individuation. Sitting with our charts over time awakens ahas, makes the unconscious conscious, and builds relationship with a deep part of ourself that speaks in symbol and archetype–the language of the soul.

Overall, our chart is something we build relationship with

We’re invited to connect to it with wonder, curiosity, and openess. As we do, our understanding deepens and becomes richer and more nuanced over time–dropping us into deeper parts of ourselves and connecting us to the deeper self within.

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